Turnaround Time

Most orders are produced and ready to ship within 3 to 6 weeks. Each order is made by hand, so production time cannot be expedited. Production time may increase due to volume. All orders will only ship once they have been paid for in full, including the cost of shipping.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor or obtaining a current list of our distributors, please email info@evolveplay.net


We typically ship our products using LTL shipping services. This means they are coming to you on a pallet, on a truck. If you have a residential address or business address that may make receiving shipment from a semi-truck difficult, you will need to let us know to make other arrangements.

Offloading heavy pallets of large panels and boulders may be difficult. You will have several options based on what you have ordered. We can arrange for the truck to have a lift gate to assist you. You may cut the straps and wrap on the pallet in order to offload your shipment piece by piece if you ordered several smaller items. Otherwise, you will need to make sure several people are available to help you offload your product. It is not the truck driver’s job or responsibility to assist you with offloading and moving product.

Occasionally, items may be damaged in shipment. When the shipment arrives, the truck driver will have you sign a BOL approving the shipment as not damaged. Please inspect the pallet and product thoroughly before signing. If the product is damaged, please note the damage on the BOL. You may then start a claim with the shipping company. If your product only has minor hairline cracks, we can ship you a repair kit. This cracking is easy to fix.

All shipping costs and delivery dates are estimates only. We rely on LTL companies and independent drivers to transport our product and do not have control over price increases, delays, and other disruptions.

Climbing Holds

A set number of climbing holds come with each product. You have the option of grey, multi-color assorted, and UV assorted sets. You may also individually select the color you would like from one of the multi-color sets. Climbing holds cost $12.50 per pre-installed unit.

Rock Color

For any product containing rock texture, you will have the option of three rock colors – slate grey, earth brown, and coastal. These colors are created and accented by hand. No two boulders look exactly the same. You can expect minor variance in the final product.

Fall Protection

You are responsible for checking with your insurance company or local codes and for maintaining compliance with any rules and regulations that reside over your business, but a general rule of thumb is that fall protection is not required unless your structure is taller than 8’ high. After 8’ tall,  9’ of padding from the furthest drop point is suggested. We offer 4’ x 6’ x 2” mats for fall protection for $450 each + shipping. Email info@evolveplay.net for more information.


We have installation details available for any of our boulders and modular panels. Email info@evolveplay.net for more information. All custom projects and seamless climbing walls are professionally installed by our team of experts.

Sizes and Dimensions

The sizes and dimension listed in the product descriptions may vary slightly, due to the nature of our material. When the material cures, it may shrink slightly. If you need to modify a product on our website to fit your needs, we provide semi-custom fabrication solutions. Email info@evolveplay.net with your specific request.


For all orders, we require a 50% deposit. Your order will typically be produced 3-6 weeks from the date we receive your deposit. The final 50% plus the cost of shipping will be billed one week prior to your order’s ship date. Your order will ship once you have paid in full. You have the option to pay online by e-check or by credit card. There is a 3.5% processing fee for credit cards.



In choosing to engage in climbing activities, participants understand that they assume responsibility for their own actions, and for any losses or injuries they suffer, resulting from the inherent and other risks of these activities. Everyone from the owners, operators, clients, participants, and staff must understand that the sport of climbing is technical and involves many inherent risks. The risks range from damage to equipment, facility, injury or death.

Evolve Play disclaims all duty, responsibility, or liability to climbing wall owners, operators, employees, clients, participants, and other parties for any injury, death, or other loss resulting from any cause, including any cause claimed to be a result of a person’s or organization’s adherence to, or failure to adhere to, the industry practices.

Evolve Play is not responsible for maintaining fire-safety egress. It is the responsibility of the client and/or his or her contractor to ensure all codes and ordinances are followed.

Evolve Play products are meant for climbing only and should never be used for other purposes. Evolve Play is not responsible for any injury, death, or other loss resulting from misuse or abuse of its products.

Hairline cracking, which is cosmetic and not structural, may occur. The Customer may request a fill kit to remedy hairline cracks.


Our products are ultra durable. You may wash off the products with water. If you see hairline cracks, please request a repair kit by emailing info@evolveplay.net.

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Evolve Play is part of a network of companies owned by Evolve Manufacturing. Our sister companies include Createk and Evolve Home and Garden.

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