Evolve Play Boulders allow children, teenagers, and adults alike the exhilarating experience of launching their own climbing excursion in a safe and controlled environment. Playground boulders and rock climbing boulders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, designed with safety, durability, and usability in mind. Use our boulders to build a challenging bouldering park fit for adults, or add them to your playground to give the youngest climbers a playing experience that challenges their problem-solving and motor skills.

Evolve Play Boulders make a dramatic statement while seamlessly blending into an existing playground, gym, therapy setting, or as a stand-alone feature in any backdrop. Our larger boulders can be ordered with handholds pre-installed. With four natural rock colors and endless handhold combinations, we can design a boulder to fit in any environment. Gone are the days of awkward, un-natural play structures. And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, talk to us about designing a custom solution for you! Let Evolve Play make your dream a reality!

  • Elephant Rock

  • Giants Chair

  • Horseshoe Bend

  • Little Foot


Rock Colors

Slate Grey

Earth Brown


Handhold Colors

The best decision for your inspired creations


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