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We are a premier manufacturer of natural themed play, climbing, and therapy products. We offer a wide range of products and services designed to promote inspired play, active imaginations, and unique therapy into any new or existing environment. Our industry leading products include boulders, our modular rock climbing panels, custom indoor and outdoor rock climbing walls, playground accessories like benches, hop rocks, and stump, and our custom creations designed by us and inspired by you.

All our products are handmade in the United States. At Evolve Play, everything that we do is embodied by our mantra “Imagination Without Limits”. Developed nearly 18 years ago, our patented material is truly the next evolution in natural themed products. Our goal was to create a product offering the ease and weight of a plastic, the durability of concrete, and an unbelievably natural appearance. By combining these attributes, we have created the new standard – durable, lightweight, synthetic products that are practically indistinguishable from the real thing. The patented Evolve material allows our products to be easy to install, maintenance free, and aesthetically unrivaled.

Evolve Play produces the most realistic and attractive composite productions and reproductions of both natural and synthetic items. Our network of companies includes Evolve Manufacturing, Evolve Home & Garden, and Createk by Evolve Custom. Over the past 18 years we have become one of the most prominent specialty composite manufacturers in the US with our products being displayed throughout the world.

Our Values

Innovation: We consider it essential that our products infuse liveliness in the environment. We work ardently to elevate our customers experience while staying true to the natural beauty of the landscape. It is our belief that each and every design should radiate a feeling of freshness and creativity.

Quality: We put a great deal of emphasis on the exterior of our products with the goal of making the surfaces look natural while aesthetically complimentary to the surrounding area. While the exterior is important, we also make certain we don’t compromise on the quality of the interior and built-in components of the products. Our creations are solid and true from the inside out.

Commitment: We work openly with each client to ensure that we construct a creation that can convey their desired goal. We are devoted to excellence and will go the extra mile to make every piece of art a true success.

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About us

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